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Some responses to my previous work (2009 - 2016) as co-creator, co-curator, booker and  artist liaison at the former Parterre Kultur music venue in Basel:

*Printed here with acknowledgement and gratitude to my former Parterre-colleagues for their part in making these shows possible. 

"Andrea Samborski...hosts some of the finest musicians touring today."

- Centrepoint, Basel

"How it is that you book such great people? It makes a difference that you're a musician just have excellent taste...Thanks for bringing decent concerts to Basel...You make Basel a better place to live in. Its noble work you do."



"Thanks so much for taking care of us and giving our music such a space – you’re doing a wonderful thing for Basel and the world . (Oslo needs a place like this.)"

- JENNY HVAL (Norway)

"The atmosphere of reverence for musicians at your venue is clearly the sort of thing I and every artist hopes to experience."

- Cyrus / HIATUS (UK)

"Take care there in Basel and keep up your good work you're doing there. Music and musicians need people like you, I mean it." 

- TOMMIGUN (Belgium)

"What can be said of these days together? We feel blessed to be here in your fine company. We came through on the gypsy path and were treated as princes…"

- GLEN HANSARD (Ireland)

"I want to thank you again for making us so welcome and looking after us with such care and attention. And of course for organising what's definitely one of the most memorable shows for us on this tour. If only more people were as passionate about their work as you are..."


"Deine Musikauswahl ist einfach der Hammer."

(Your music selection is simply awesome.) 

- Oliver Gençebay Theinert, AUDIENCE

"It’s rare that you feel the people running the music venue are doing it with such passion and enthusiasm. Your work is brilliant. Being here has inspired us to keep doing what we do."


"Your work is brilliant.Thank-you endlessly for everything. Best concert promoter ever." 

- DAN MANGAN & BAND (Canada)

"What you do is amazing and the passion you have is totally inspiring" - Rebecca Kemp, TOUR MANAGER

"Last night’s show in Basel was one of the greatest gigs in this band’s career. From load-in at 4pm to load out at 5am it was a perfect experience. Parterre’s artist liaison/manager is everything a touring musician dreams of - friendly, enthusiastic and seemingly everywhere at once - helpful without being fussy. One of this world’s good people. The venue is clearly run with artists in mind, from the dressing room with its betassled lamp shades to the carpeted stage we were made to feel very special indeed - but as valued collaborators rather than fawned over celebrities. This show was very much a team effort between promoter and performer, not the usual stand-off between art and business."


"I have to admit that I fell in love with you as a promoter as well as my love for your venue has deepened - on a professional level don't worry."

- Julia Foster (Papiersaal / Fri-Son)

"From the bottom of my heart...Thank you so much. I had an AMAZING time there. You are so professional and considerate, it just blew me away. The best I have seen in a long time. Was such a pleasure."



"I had the best time ever in Basel...It honestly was the best experience I ever had playing a gig anywhere. You are amazing...I was a very happy and content person leaving Switzerland."

- OLIVER COLE (Support, Glen Hansard, Ireland)

" & fun! So warm, so warm!"

- ADEM (U.K.)

"You’re a jewel in Basel."

-Mark Leslie, AUDIENCE

"How can I play here every day?  One of the most spirited venues ever!"

- WALLIS BIRD (Ireland)

"Keep that magic venue doing things!"

Oli Steadman (STORNOWAY, UK)

"Parterre - Crown jewel of Switzerland."


"Thank-you for such a wonderful evening! Your kindness & hospitality will not be forgotten. This place is full of love and it shows in everything you guys do." 


"There is no other place in Basel like Parterre – with this warm and intimate ambience." 

- TELEBASEL (Audience)

"Parterre is among my favourite venues in the world. It quite simply exudes a sense of goodwill. Usually we assess places based on sound quality, stage size, monitor mixes and that sort of stuff. Parterre, however, is more like a living thing, it would be vulgar to discuss its vital statistics."


"'s such an amazing venue."


"I was at the James Yorkston and Withered Hand concert and it was a beautiful evening. I wanted to thank you for the amazing atmosphere you have in the venue..."

- Gilles, AUDIENCE

"The Parterre-Perfection! If I Iived in Basel, I would always be at Parterre." 


"Ihr habt echt ein super Programm."


"Brilliant gig, brilliant venue, brilliant food, brilliant team, brilliant schnapps, brilliant songs, brilliant you, brilliant time...less brilliant morning head but mostly brilliant :)Such a pleasure meeting you..."

- AIDAN (Support, Wallis Bird, Ireland)

"You are the ULTIMATE hostess. THANK-YOU SO MUCH for everything."


"You have such a lovely venue and your line-up is impressive! Good work!"


"Ich wollte soeben zwei Tickets für das Lau-Konzert reservieren...und ein grosses, grosses Dankeschön für Eure grossartige Arbeit! - und die einmaligen Momente im Parterre!"

- Nicolas, AUDIENCE

"Ich wollte mich nur nochmal herzlich bedanken, dass du es möglich gemacht hast, dass Glen Hansard nach Basel gekommen ist! Und für deine tolle Art vieles im Parterre zu managen. Es ist unglaublich, wie viele schöne, unvergessliche Momente ich im Parterre erleben durfte - thanks for that and keep on going!!! 

P.S. Vielen Dank, dass mir und meiner Kollegin die Möglichkeit gegeben wurde, nach dem Konzert am Freitag Glen um ein Autogramm zu bitten - einem Star so nah zu kommen war wirklich ein Traum! Such things just happen in Parterre!!"

-Sarah Kerber, AUDIENCE

"...danke sehr für einen wunderbaren Konzert falle ich sehr müde und zufrieden ins Bett. Alles beste aus St. Gallen."

-Daniela Schmid, AUDIENCE



"Seit Andrea Samborski an Bord ist, lässt der Betrieb gar noch ein bisschen mehr von sich hören"

- ProgrammZeitung, 2011

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