We've been holding out for a home - a space where our shows can flourish. 
Until we go live on stage again, we'll be posting the first artist interviews of the Evoking Home Series on This'll give you something to read until we plug back in from live-hibernation.
Also, tune back in from time to time as we post eclipse's e-clips of artists amongst boats, bread and other Basel beauty. 

eclipse's first e-clips go live!


Haram at Bäckerei KULT, Basel

The morning after their Basel show, we took Vancouver ensemble Haram for a ferry ride across the Rhein, followed by a visit to Basel's glorious Bäckerei KULT (the city's oldest bakery dating back to 1726). Croissants aux amandes, quiche and coffee did the music. 

Thank-you to band and bakery for their generosity of song and pastries.
("You make music; I make bread" - Lea Gessler, Bakerei KULT )

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Haram -
Bäckerei KULT -
Filmed by Gordon Bell -

e-clip FYI:

Haram drummer Kenton Loewen plays a thermos here for the off-stage version of this song.

About the ensemble:
From the depths of Vancouver’s rich avant-garde improvisational music community, comes the phenomenal culture-mashing, juggernaut that is Haram. The power-house ensemble, half studied in the Arabic tradition and half who cut their teeth in the improv-indie-rock-jazz scene, is led by Juno Award-winning Gordon Grdina (Dan Mangan) who trades in his guitar for Iraqi oud. Haram pays homage to traditional Arabic music while mixing elements of noise, electronic soundscape, and western free improv into their explosively self-expressive sound.


“The music's backbone is traditional, but wild outbursts of free improvisation and subtle injections of noise make it quite unlike anything you'd hear in the shisha dens of Cairo or Baghdad...Gordon Grdina is both a skilled and slippery performer on the oud and a fiercely inventive noise guitarist.”


Tom Freund on Fähri Leu, Basel

The morning after Tom's Basel show, we invited him for our Ferry/Pastry Session, beginning with a bob across the Rhein in the little wooden Fähri Leu, and wrapping with a visit to Basel's glorious Bäckerei KULT - the city's oldest bakery dating back to 1726.  

After several songs amidst sheets of still oven-warm croissants, we got hungry and ate the bakery.

Thanks to Münster Fähri Leu for the welcoming us into the wee wooden boat and to Bäckerei KULT for the breakfast love. 

eclipse concerts - 
Tom Freund -
Bäckerei KULT -
Filmed by Gordon Bell -

About the Artist:
A brilliant lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, the native-NewYorker, California-based Tom Freund stands amongst the Songwriter Greats of today.